Allen and Kenneth are brothers, contemporaries and alumni from the early 90s. The sketchbook is an expression of their gratitude to college and fellow Stephanians.

Allen Shaw & Kenneth Khalkho are borthers and also college alumni from the early 90s.


Allen Shaw

I left college after two years of joining to follow my dreams. I graduated in communication Design with a specialisation in Animation film making from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Today I choose to call myself an artist, illustrator and a storyteller, I am based out of Berlin. My quest for discovering new places, cultures and people through my sketchbooks has taken me from the majestic heights of the Himalayan range in Leh to the rice fields of Wajima in Japan, from the sun soaked beaches of South France to the small islands of Croatia, from the grandeur of Gaudis architecture in Spain to the colourful people of Kutch, the list is evergrowing and when I flip through the pages of these books, I see myself in conversation with spaces, places and people who walk through these pages. I was always a storyteller but what I have discovered over the years through these books is that I have been a nomad, a drifter or to be simply put “a gypsy” with many stories in my books. Traveling and sketching is like feeding my gypsy soul.

I am glad to be sketching /illustrating this sketchbook on college, a place that I left but also a place that has never left me.

Allen S Shaw , B. A . Pass Course (1992-994) Allnutt south (D-3)


Kenneth Khalkho

Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars……. that’s how I felt when I joined college. The best three years of my life full of music, theatre, hiking, wildlife, social work and lots of history had started to unfold. There was perfect Harmony. From playing the harmonica to gather crowd for street plays, staging Girish Karnad’s Tuglaq in the mess lawn, spotting tigers in Ranthambore, helping the earthquake victims of Uttarkashi, teaching the Bhils and Bhilalas in a remote village of Madhya Pradesh, exploring the ruins of Fatehpur Sikri, asking questions to Kapil Dev and organising the Graduation Dinner to riding the rapids of the Ganges, hanging from a cliff in Dhauj and scaling a peak in Ladakh after a 40 days expedition through Lahaul-Spiti - I did it all. I owe all the happiness and success in life that I have achieved to college. It has made me what I am today. It is an honor to do this sketchbook with my brother Allen and express my gratitude to college and all the incredible people I met there.


Kenneth D. Khalkho, History (1990-93), Allnutt South (C-4 & C-2)